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We are online!!!

29/03/20 by tonyrae

Due to the restrictions from the Corona Virus Pandemic, we are live streaming our services through Facebook. Join us at or find our Facebook Page at Grace Community Church (with our Logo) Portions of our services are also available at out YouTube Channel - Grace Community Church Wamberal - So grab a cuppa and join us Sunday Mornings - Countdown starts at 9:55am

Naturally Supernatural

02/04/19 by tonyrae

What a great beginning.

I saw the goodness of God.

25/05/18 by tonyrae

Late Friday afternoon, I saw the goodness of God. It had been a fairly taxing week and on getting home from work I decided to take a stroll out the back gate to check out the goats down the road.

patience @ work

05/04/17 by Kelly Myles

It is a very old saying that patience is a virtue. Fortunately for me it is also a fruit of the Spirit, because there is no way I would ever have developed it on my own.

peace @ work

13/03/17 by Kelly Myles

It's a competitive world in the workplace no less than anywhere else. So how does peace fit in for a Christian at work?

love @ work?

22/02/17 by Kelly Myles

A Christian is a Christian 24/7, inside and out, on and off the clock. So the fruit of the Spirit - all of it, including Love - should be evident and relevant and genuine in every context. That includes work!

joy @ work?

22/02/17 by Kelly Myles

When I first heard about "joy" as a new Christian, I thought it was about that bubbly, giddy, giggly feeling you have when things are going well, you're kicking goals or you just found a bargain you really wanted. In the long, hard slog of life this is an unsustainable feeling hinged on an unrealistic expectation.

Why are there two different Christmases and Hanukkah as well?

11/01/17 by Kelly Myles

This is a question that I've encountered a few times. It's one of those questions that can take you by surprise in the early weeks of January as people begin to return to work.

Testimonies from Sozo Ministry

02/09/16 by tonyrae

Here are some lovely testimonies from people who have experienced Sozo ministry.

Suprised by the Spirit and Miracles conference

19/04/16 by Tony Rae

Wow what a wonderful time we had with Rev Dr Edgar Mayer and his wife Tatjana and the team (Helen, David and Judy) from Toowoomba Living Grace Church. We were blessed and encouraged with great teaching, sharing of journey and testimonies.

Grace @ Work ?

11/03/16 by kelly.myles

Do you find workplace ministry a bit confusing ... or scary? What if you knew that the starting point is just being yourself? Check out this little blog. I hope it encourages you.

Beautiful Heart

05/10/15 by tonyrae

The kids at church were asked to volunteer their own money to help the children in Cambodia. Unfortunately we were unable to attend kids church on the day, so Elizabeth decided she would contribute to raising money for Nepal instead.

For the children in Cambodia

05/10/15 by tonyrae

The children in J-Team (our kids church) were asked to raise some money so that some children in Cambodia could go to a Water Park for a treat. Our children were asked to do some jobs at home and get paid then donate the money to the Cambodian children. All our children did amazingly well!! One little girl, Evie (6), chose to do things a little differently.

VAC Youth Unemployment Fundraiser

03/10/15 by Matt Coonan

What a great fun night we had. Matt Coonan organised an in house sparing night at the Commando Gym Long Jetty. Supported by Bob Mirovic and lots of local fighters.

Wonderful Healing Testimony

04/03/15 by Tony Rae

I receive this email recently:

More Testimonies

05/12/14 by Matt Coonan

Salvations, Good news shared, deliverance. Prayer.

Skate Park Testimonies

18/11/14 by Matt Coonan

Testimonies. About 10 salvations in the park, genuine repentance, God gave them each a specific person to forgive or sin to stop!

Awakening Rockhampton

26/06/14 by Tony Rae

Prophetic vision/word for Central Queensland Christian School 26 June 2014.

Testimony from Narrabri Awakening Ministry

18/06/14 by tonyrae

Mark Saines and his team are currently visiting Narrabri for a 'mission Week. On Wednesday Mark held a training night at New Life. He shared about some of his evangelism experiences - which include power encounters with God and healing. Listening to him talk - and teach 5 step evangelism and encounter prayer models, I found it correlated with our experiences in India. It made sense.

Never Give Up

30/05/14 by tonyrae

The Local demons had meeting and said we need to stop that Mark Saines Guy.

A CCOS Testimony

19/02/14 by tonyrae

Barbara & John, Thank you doesn't seem to be a strong enough word when it comes to saying what I want to say for the help you guys have given me and my kids over the past few months. I'm speechless to think that some people have gone that far out of their way to help someone they barely know.


06/02/14 by tonyrae

On wednesday morning I was having a Skpe conversation with christian Japanese man.

God gave my keys back

23/01/14 by tonyrae

My keys had been lost for about a month.

Cambodian Christmas Fundraising

08/12/13 by Tony Rae

Between the Garage sale, Bacon & Egg rolls, The Culture Club (including Auction) and the Children's church Walk a Thon about $2000 dollars was raised for the village Christmas party and gifts.

Going The Extra Mile

12/10/13 by tonyrae

On Saturday Oct 12th, I (Caz Smith) and Julie Villablanca will be attempting to walk 50kms in an event called "Go the Extra Mile".

Varken Apprenticeship Challenge

12/08/13 by tonyrae

Our first birthday dinner celebration for 4 of our young men.

CCOS Lunch

12/07/13 by tonyrae

What a lovely time we had at Diggers Club. Diggers generously supported a lunch for some of our clients and volunteers.

The Micah Challenge

11/07/13 by tonyrae

Dear Church, Thank you for the privilege of giving me your valuable time (even though you didn't have a big choice), those who joined in the photo (picture) and signed the petition thank you. Those that haven't had a chance, the petition will be at church for a couple of Sundays or you can go on line and sign (see links below). Will it make a difference? only God knows and after 12months of forced rest its great to be back and feeling it’s great to be doing.

Healing Testimony

05/04/13 by tonyrae

Testimony from Queensland We have had a miracle! A man had a cancer lump in his throat and Jesus Christ healed him.

Great News From Tri in Japan

03/04/13 by tonyrae

I just received my Certificate of Eligibility on Monday which means that I have been approved for a working visa.

News From Uganda

10/03/13 by tonyrae

Our SALT School junior group (Semester 2) commenced this morning with a review of our teaching on time alone with God (we call it the Secret Place.) After a time of review we asked students for testimonies of the things they have learned over recent months as they sought the Lord.

A report from the Philippines

27/02/13 by tonyrae

Mega E- Team Summary Report Testimonies

More from the Philippines

27/02/13 by tonyrae


Testimony from The Philippines

23/02/13 by tonyrae

A testimony! This is the Testimony of our church, Send the Light Bible Church / mine also.

The Philistines

14/02/13 by kelly.myles

Every Sunday School child is familiar with David and Goliath, the giant Philistine warrior who David slew with a stone from a sling. Many more are familiar with Samson who killed a 1000 Philistines with the jaw bone of an ass. Still others remember the story of Saul’s son Jonathan who bravely took on over twenty Philistines with his armor bearer and killed them all. And there is the famous Battle of Mt. Gilboa where Saul and his sons, including the heroic Jonathan were themselves killed by the Philistines.

Update From Tri re Japan

03/12/12 by tonyrae

Hi there friends and family! It's been a while since I've been in contact. Hope you are being positioned to receive, rest and walk in the goodness and power of God's love for us in Jesus...daily.

Playing Gin

27/11/12 by

God divine appointments, never to be missed.


17/11/12 by tonyrae

Some recently wrote: DEDICATION TO GOD – FOR GIVING ME WINGS TO FLY ABOVE THE STORM! (When depression & anxiety get to be too much and the Love of God transcends me to a higher place.)

Great Ministry & Equiping

14/11/12 by tonyrae

Great News!: In October I had visitors from the Philippines.

Grace Retreat

31/10/12 by tonyrae

Mark Hodgekiss: Well I think I can speak for those that attended the weekend camping at Patonga Caravan park and say it was a great time with 5 couples camping and then over 20 in community on the Saturday. Saturday was a great day for those who are not inclined to camp to take the short trip for the day.

It wasn't scary like I thought

18/07/12 by tonyrae

When I went to the skate park with Mark and Matt it wasn't scary like I thought it would be. I came to see what happens, I saw kids getting prayed for I even prayed for 2 kids. I saw a lady get prayer and go down in the spirit’s power, I was really moved, she cried. The best thing was...

Tri Update Japan

04/07/12 by tonyrae

Hi there family and friends in Jesus! Video Just thought i'd let you know that cornerstone tokyo has a video up and give you an update on what's happening in Japan

Loving God …… Loving You……

30/06/12 by tonyrae

King of Kings Ministries Our life here in Uganda is always full of rich and varied experiences and lots unpredictable circumstances as anyone who has visited will know. For example never knowing if we will have a complete day with water or electricity. It can go off without any warning for an unknown length of time.

Trip to Seattle

29/06/12 by Tony Rae

Hi there, Just thought i'd give you an update on my recent trip to Seattle. :^)

Extra Mile Report

16/05/12 by tonyrae

Well the event is over, at last! (You will all understand what I mean about this shortly).

Going The Extra Mile Update

20/04/12 by tonyrae

Gus Villablanca update on Going The Extra Mile..


12/04/12 by tonyrae

Please uphold the 1st Kairos Course in Ethiopia April 18-25 (includes FTC)

Good News From Japan

27/03/12 by tonyrae

Some good stuff has been happening lately here in Japan, a BIG THANK YOU for all of your prayers and support. :^)

Powerful Minstry in QLD

18/03/12 by tonyrae

"My husband became a born again Christian in the Baptist church. For the first time today, my husband was touched by the Holy Spirit in a real way under Mark's ministry."

New Website

16/03/12 by Tony Rae

We are proud to present you with our new website. We want it to be easy for you to find the latest information about our church network - upcoming events, news and information and the rosters. It's not just Grace Wamberal that you will find here. There's information on Tuggerah and Bateau as well.

The Gospel On Ice

16/03/12 by tonyrae

We, the youth from Grace, went out ice skating in Erina. We were just skating around having fun, when we stopped in the middle of the rink and as we were talking a young boy came up right in front of us and started dancing on the ice in his ice blades.

A testimony of God's love

01/02/12 by

during the prayer time, the feeling of God's coming close, not just good worship, but God's actual presence, began to fall. I kept watching this one young guy, Ryo. He was not saved yet. He just kept standing and wouldn't sit down even after most people sat down. He said that during the prayer time, God came right before him...