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27/02/13 by tonyrae  


MEGA E POWER EVANGELISM MISSION IN THE PHILIPPINES (January 29, 2012) In behalf of Mcfriends of JESUS Campus Ministry under Send the Light Bible Church (STLBC) under the Authority of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, i would like to share a testimony about the "HEAVEN CAME DOWN AND GLORY FILLS OUR SOUL EXPERIENCE FOR THREE DAYS." I thank the LORD, for we have an Answering GOD. The young people in STLBC lately experience spiritual dryness. And Bishop Paul Maglaya through the gift of discernment once preach that the only solution for this dryness is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. for several months we've been praying for the Holy Spirit to touch us once again. and in no time the LORD sent MEGA E as the LORD's answer to our prayer. It is quite unusual for this church to experience visitation of another Foreign Missionaries for we are used to with the Korean Missionaries teaching us the WORD OF GOD but this time the empowerment of the WORD to make it alive...the INFILLING OF THE HOLY GHOST. An hour before MEGA E came, i was praying in the HOLY GHOST and asking Father kindly build in us the MOST HOLY FAITH. then after praying i was led to write down my prayer in my spiritual diary: (by the time i wrote this i still don't know who are the missionaries coming) "HEAVENLY FATHER IN JESUS NAME, kindly lead the Australian Missionaries to Your God's Perfect Will plan in bringing them here. Have Your Ultimate Way. Thank You JESUS. Precious HOLY SPIRIT move in power. In JESUS Name. Amen." Afterwards i heard them (MEGA E)coming with Ptr. Roger Suaverdez...the first people i met were Ptr. Mark Saines and then Mrs. Corinne Saines (which i claimed as my Godmother) then Bro Mark Taylor, he immediately prayed for me pertaining worship anointing...i dont know if the LORD told him i will be ministering as a Worship leader later (Making melodies in my heart). i knew they were different from the other ministers i met before. These people are Spirit-filled, Spirit-controlled and Spirit-led Ministers. Ptr. Mark shared a short message and then immediately he called us one by one...i am acquainted with being slain in the Spirit twice before, but i thought i am exempted for the third time but still after my sister Ruth fell down, i was next in line...there was a sudden wind that moves my body and it is something that if i fight with would be hard. so i let go of myself and knew i was praying in the Holy Spirit. All of a sudden everybody was down on the floor and it is amazing to see that even the people you don't expect to be slain were already baptized with the Holy Ghost. There was an announcement of a dream if i'm not mistaken it was Bro. Matt Coonan asking that he saw in a dream of someone praying for families and there was a confirmation, that one the young people there had a desire to bring families to the LORD. I ended up being prayed by Mrs. Corinne Saines, followed by the prayer of Bro. Mark, "to love the unlovable." I was blessed when i heard him saying did you include yourself in the reason why JESUS CHRIST died on the Cross? i answered "I've heard of a message that there are 7 billion reasons why JESUS CHRIST died on the Cross and that includes all of us." (January 30, 2012) Prayer Meeting: Bro. Michael Ryan had his special number "SET A FIRE DOWN IN MY SOUL...I WANT MORE OF YOU GOD..." Then with a short message again Ptr. Mark Saines was on Fire to pray for people the 5 steps. This time what happened that night was greater than yesterday for it was intensive and touching i heard of hearts crying to the LORD. My sister Christine Joy saw a vision that night that there are angels walking around behind Ptr. Mark Saines. She said they were taller than the Bro. Ole. That night many testimonies were shared and truly there has been a Great Revival some spoke in tongues for the first time. and they become more excited to pray. I requested that MEGA E Team to go up to the rooftop and pray for the whole Muntinlupa City and the Campuses where we minister to. i was glad with the powerful prayer i heard from Ptr. Mark it is truly a blessing. Received that night a New Bible (NLT) from Godmother Corinne, it was a great joy to my heart. Bro. Richard Clark loaded two boxes of Bibles. They were very sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit we really need more Bibles for the new converts. May the LORD bless them with the measure of Heaven's Treasure (LUKE 6:38). January 31, 2012 Around 10am, the MEGA E came. A good day to start Bro. Richard gave me MEGA E SHIRT (the Filipino Prayer is so powerful, thank you very much) i was blessed to see that they are no respecter of person, that even there is just one soul to prayed to, they would still take time to do it, one of the girls was also slain in the Holy Spirit...and then we went to Muntinlupa National High School. i've heard of Bro. Ole Endresen testimony how he just learned of these things (Baptism of the Holy Spirit) for a little time although he was Christian since birth. So i believed it could also happen to every Christian who desires to minister, no matter how long or short period of time you have been acquainted with the LORD. In the classrooms, i was surprised that the Holy Spirit is truly unlimited for even the students speak in tongues for the first time. So each day greater things happen. I was really blessed to witness the Answer of the LORD each day, this is what we've been waiting for to happen. There are so many things happen that it's hard to share MCFRIENDS OF JESUS testimonies each of them are very thankful to the LORD seeing the power of the Holy Spirit residing on each of us. i want to thank our LORD GOD ALMIGHTY for these fellow servants of the LORD. "The LORD bless thee, and keep thee:The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace." Numbers 6:24-26 May you be bountifully blessed by GOD for blessing the GOSPEL. In JESUS Name. Amen. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. In CHRIST, Rebecca Maglaya