Playing Gin

27/11/12 by  

God divine appointments, never to be missed.

I love to play gin on the internet with others from around the world. After playing about 5 games Monday morning and losing all my points, I just turned it off and decided to make myself some breakfast. Eating nice greek yogurt with fruit and talking to God, just felt to go back and play another hand or two. Someone sat down on my table that was 200+ points lower than me, knowing if I lost this hand I was going to lose big time, I click start game. This person asked me if I was a pastor because of my screen name, and I said 'nope" then they asked me where I got my screen name and I explained. They then knew I love Jesus very much and listened to Him.They were amazed in the fact that I had a relationship with Jesus. They said they wanted a relationship with God also,I told them to ask Him. They were scared of dying and not having a relationship that would get them to heaven. I explained that death was our ultimate goal in life, that is why we live,to be His hands and feet here on earth to show others what it means to be His child and how we can mature into the Bride. To make a long story short was losing the game and only had 2 more points to lose by, this person accepted Jesus then and there, I won the game in two hands and laughed so hard about how God just sets us up to be there in important times..